Tangible help not temporary hope

What do we do?

Evergreen Africa aims to help relieve poverty in three main developmental areas, click on a title to see examples of projects we have undertaken in these areas (note that at the moment, Evergreen Africa is very young and has not yet established projects in all of these areas): Health: Training health workers and providing medical facilities and equipment. Education: Building and supporting schools as well as teaching and other staff. Income-Generation: Helping local people to establish and maintain a source of income.

What about our funds? How do we make sure they’re used as they should be and get to where they’re needed?

Firstly, our Trustees have dictated that absolutely no less than 90%, and ideally no less than 92%, of funds must be spent on our charitable projects (regrettably, some admin costs are unavoidable - website hosting, bank charges to move funds to Africa, accountancy fees, stationery etc). That means that of every £10 donated, at least £9 goes to the projects. In Africa we work with well-established local NGOs and experts who have developed a network of trusted local individuals built up over many years. These individuals ensure that funds are paid over to local contractors etc, only against previously agreed project plans, after inspection of the works or delivery of goods/services and on presentation of invoices. This means we can track every penny from leaving our bank account right through to the part it plays in delivering the project.